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April 28th, 2008 $60,000 Carnival Glass Auction
April 28th, 2008 Grogan Celebrates 20th Anniversary with $2.5 Million Sale
April 18th, 2008 Aaron Douglas Painting Brings Record $600,000
April 18th, 2008 You're a Good Man, Frank Stanton: Skinner Sells Snoopy
April 13th, 2008 Philadelphia Highboy Brings $731,000 in New Orleans
April 11th, 2008 Sandpainting Weaving Top Lot
April 11th, 2008 Kerman Oriental Rug Tops Prices
April 11th, 2008 Foster Packs 'Em In
April 9th, 2008 Antiques Manhattan, Spurred on by Dealers, Stages a Comeback
April 9th, 2008 Papermania Plus Marks 30 Years of Hartford Shows
April 1st, 2008 Antiques at the Armory
April 1st, 2008 The American Antiques Show 2008
March 26th, 2008 Southern Decorative Arts from Folk to Fine Furniture
March 25th, 2008 Americana Sale Helps Relieve Cabin Fever
March 25th, 2008 The Ceramics Fair: The Fauchon of Americana Week
March 21st, 2008 The Winter Antiques Show 2008
March 21st, 2008 Getman's Show: Hope for the Middle Market
March 19th, 2008 Decoys in New York
March 16th, 2008 Record Howard Regulator Clock
March 16th, 2008 Historic Firearms and Early Militaria Auction
March 10th, 2008 Design Sale at Phillips
March 7th, 2008 Important Design at Auction
March 6th, 2008 Private Caroliniana Collection at Charlton Hall
March 5th, 2008 Louisiana Purchase Auction Offers Best of the South
March 5th, 2008 Auction Fever Keeps Inuit Art Market Alive
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