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Round Lake Is a Shot in the Arm Betty Flood 2007-09-18
"Sketched at Sea"--The Exhibit and the Market Jeanne Schinto 2007-09-18
Traylor's Blue Cat Claws Its Way to $42,550 Marty Steiner 2007-09-18
American Indian Art Auction Lita Solis-Cohen 2007-09-18
Folk Art in the Tramp Art Style: Debunking the Myths Clifford Wallach 2007-09-18
Diverse Collection Sells in Cincinnati Don Johnson 2007-09-18
Gate Up, Results Mixed at Annual Wells Antiques Show Rose Safran 2007-09-18
More Trouble for Salander-O’Reilly Galleries By the period ending May 15 2007-09-13
One of 600 Walter Newman 2007-09-13
Sotheby's to Sell Badge Owned by Washington and Lafayette 2007-09-13
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