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Durfee Collection of Dedham Pottery Sold Alexander Farnham 2007-10-15
Americana Celebration in Deerfield Mark Sisco 2007-10-15
"I Like to Auction Better Than Anything I've Ever Done in My Life" Mark Sisco 2007-10-15
Let's Hear It for the Associations 2007-10-15
Antiques Show Worth Traffic Jam Richard de Thuin 2007-10-15
Antiques at Elm Bank Estate: Capricious Storm, Capricious Customers Jeanne Schinto 2007-10-15
Americana on the Block Lita Solis-Cohen 2007-10-15
The Great American Antiquefest Sold 2007-10-15
Art Dealer Sentenced to Six and a Half Years, Restitution 2007-10-15
Sotheby's to Sell Cincinnati Badge Owned by George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette 2007-10-15
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