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In The Trade: Thomas C. Campbell, Hawleyville, Connecticut Frank Donegan 2008-05-06
A Young Collector's Guide to Auctions -- and Relationships Hollie Davis and Andrew Richmond 2008-05-06
The 150th Original Semi-Annual York Show Karl H. Pass 2008-05-06
Four Hundred Grand for a Book of Charts Mark Sisco 2008-05-06
Rare Hemingway Items Sell for Record Prices Jeanne Schinto 2008-05-06
New Hampshire Auctioneer Richard Withington Passes Away 2008-04-29
Galle Vase Comes Out of Storage to Lead at Green Valley Walter C. Newman 2008-04-28
Charles Sidney Raleigh: His Second Life A.J. Peluso 2008-04-28
$60,000 Carnival Glass Auction Betty Flood 2008-04-28
Grogan Celebrates 20th Anniversary with $2.5 Million Sale Jeanne Schinto 2008-04-28
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