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Pickers Market to Remain a Friday Event

Lance Poulet | August 9th, 2013

Michael Hall came from Nashville, Tennessee, and it was his first time exhibiting at the Pickers Market. “It was a long way for me to go from Nashville to do the show. I think a lot of customers didn’t go to the show or left town before Friday…This is the first time I had been up there. I assumed everybody would go, but I think a lot of people skipped it. The weather was really bad…I think people were worn out by Friday.”

“We had never done one of Frank’s shows, and he does a really great job in terms of managing it and making sure the dealers feel welcome. We did well. We usually just do the Rhinebeck show, so this was the first time with us experimenting with an out-of-our-region kind of show…we were pleased. People were very polite, very knowledgeable, and we had a good experience,” said Jack Lindsay of Doodletown Farm, Ancram, New York.

Concord, New Hampshire

The Pickers Market Antiques Show in Concord, New Hampshire, produced by Frank Gaglio’s Barn Star Productions, will remain a Friday show during Antiques Week in New Hampshire in 2014 and will not move to Monday as previously announced.

“Pickers will remain the crowning event of Antiques Week in New Hampshire in 2014,” Gaglio said, noting that further consideration and polling of the Pickers Market dealers led to keeping the show on Friday in 2014.

This year the one-day show presented 51 exhibitors from 13 states at the Douglas N. Everett Arena in Concord, New Hampshire, on Friday, August 9. According to Gaglio, the morning opening line topped 288 attendees.

Pickers Market is the second of Barn Star’s shows held during Antiques Week in New Hampshire—the Midweek Antiques Show is held in the same space on Wednesday and Thursday of Antiques Week.

The Pickers Market has moved its day before. When it was launched in 1998, it was a Friday event, making it the last show to open during Antiques Week in New Hampshire. In 2007, Gaglio moved the show from Friday to Monday, making it the first show of the week. It stayed a Monday show until 2012, when it went back to Friday.

Gaglio said, “What makes the Pickers Market special is the flexibility of the dealers’ material as we do not limit them date-wise, and that opens up a whole new exciting aspect to the show. Customers find the diverse offerings refreshing and adventurous; they never know what treasure lies around the next corner booth.”

Stephan Boyer of Finish Line Collectibles, Campbelltown, Pennsylvania, summed up the show. “I did reasonably well. I met a very interesting group of collectors. I had a child’s carousel that I had not fully identified…and I met a few people who specialize in that, and we had a wonderful conversation about it. It’s people like that who have specific areas of expertise that you get to meet at a show like this. Is it all about selling? Maybe. But for me it’s about meeting the people, garnering information, and for that the show is excellent.”

 Boyer did Midweek last year but switched to Pickers, a change he’ll stick with next year. “I sold well; it wasn’t one of my best, but for a one-day show I did just fine…and I bought a couple of pieces.”

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Roberta Paul of Millcreek Antiques, Geneseo, New York, said, “I sold better last year—I can’t say it was a bad show, but it wasn’t one of my better ones…I think there were fewer serious buyers this year than last, and I didn’t see as many dealers from the other shows coming through as I normally had in the past.”

“Frank runs a fantastic organization. We were very happy and pleased to be a part of it,” said Joe Brennan of J R & C Brennan, Inc. Salisbury, Connecticut. “We could have sold more, but all in all we were happy.”

Justin Cobb of Captain’s Quarters, Amherst, Massachusetts, said, “I do very well at the Pickers show. For the most part, all the same buyers are at all the same shows. It’s one day—and then it’s over. I’ve done the Pickers for a long time and have always enjoyed it. Frank has always been very helpful. This year I sold a little above average; I didn’t make a killing. Sales were good, and I think sales were good all across the board at Manchester. I shopped all the other shows, and everyone seemed to be doing OK.”

Mary Elliott of Pepperell, Massachusetts, said, “I’ve done the show for probably ten years now. So many people said good-bye to me on Wednesday. It was so disappointing—they had to go to Madison-Bouckville, they had family coming, they were going to Maine for the Union show. It just feels like the timing is all wrong. People are trying to do everything. Paul [Davis] begins on Friday now. There are a lot of conflicting opportunities that are happening at the end of the week. Friday just doesn’t seem like a feasible time anymore. It used to be such a strong, strong show, and this year was the worst I ever did, and I know that that has to do with what I brought.”  Elliott did sell an expensive cupboard she had on consignment.

Francis Crespo of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, said, “I always enjoy Frank’s shows—they’re easy to do and fun. I thought this year there were more people than the year before—and they stayed longer…it was definitely better than the year before, but it wasn’t my best year there…I prefer the Monday date, but Friday is OK, too. I was happy I sold some things.”

Originally published in the November 2013 issue of Maine Antique Digest. © 2013 Maine Antique Digest

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