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Clayton Pennington | October 13th, 2013


This issue of Maine Antique Digest marks the 40th anniversary of the publication. The first edition of M.A.D.—a scant 28 pages with a newsstand price of 50¢ and a yearly subscription cost of $5—was published by founders Sam and Sally Pennington in November 1973.

We want to mark this anniversary by recognizing and thanking M.A.D.’s loyal readers, subscribers, and advertisers. M.A.D.’s success is thanks not only to your patronage but also to your participation. Credit is also due M.A.D.’s hardworking and loyal staff, several of whom have been with us more than 30 years.

Each issue is similar to a kit, and every month M.A.D. readers, advertisers, and contributors help us put it together, providing ever-changing editorial content and advertisements. Skim though any issue and you’ll come across marvelously creative ads, many written and conceived by the dealers, show promoters, and auctioneers without the aid of a big-time advertising firm. The Letters to the Editor section is a free-for-all of ideas and opinions, many of which aren’t expressed anywhere else. The show and auction reports offer a wealth of information. Many times that is not because the reporter is an expert, but because the dealer or auctioneer providing the information is and has patiently explained it.

Sam (1929-2008) and Sally shared a vision for M.A.D. that included wide collaboration with its audience to go along with crackerjack reporting, now delivered by Lita Solis-Cohen, David Hewett, and a cadre of immensely talented freelance writers and columnists.

The tagline “The Marketplace for Americana” didn’t appear on the cover of the first issue; instead, it was “An unabashed look at the Maine antiques scene.” We’ve held true to that, providing an unabashed look at the art and antiques markets, now well beyond Maine. You, dear reader, are an essential part of that. Thank you. Here’s to 40 more.


Originally published in the November 2013 issue of Maine Antique Digest. © 2013 Maine Antique Digest

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