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Antique Automated Music Machines

At 1025 S. Cochran Avenue, on the Eaton County Fairgrounds, in Charlotte, Michigan on:
NOVEMBER 16, 17, 18, 2017

Thursday begins at 1:00 P.M.
Friday at 9:00 A.M. | Saturday at 9:00 A.M.

Get ready for an incredible event. Fantastic collections from all over the United States and Canada are included in our Fall event. Everything from fine phonograph collections, including one of the finest groups of floor-model machines that we have ever had the opportunity to offer, as well as music boxes, Seeburg, Western Electric and other nickelodeons, automatic changers, Eroica triple-disc music boxes, floor-model music boxes, disc boxes with bells, cylinder music boxes of all types, roller organs, Tangley calliopes, Over 15 jukeboxes including Wurlitzer, Seeburg, Rockola, and related items like speakers, Nippers, records, signage, slot machines, and excellent vending machines, scientific items, fantastic barometers, band organ, a rare Capehart Orchestrope Style F, antique radios, and even a Mills Violano Virtuoso that has been totally disassembled awaiting restoration. The parts and components are packed, the case has been refinished, but the collector passed away and the project was not completed. It will be sold as described. Watch our website for information and hundreds of pictures at

We offer a full-service operation that is completely insured, our rates are competitive with a background in the field that exceeds others selling items of this type, and the buyer’s premium charged at our auctions is one of the lowest in the nation…which is extremely advantageous to both sellers and buyers alike.

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Stanton’s have specialized in this field for over 35 years…we are qualified to successfully market all, or part of your collection for the highest and best return. Our lists of interested buyers and sellers alike, who follow our advertising, and participate in our auctions, contain not only thousands and thousands of collectors, but investors, museums, and dealers alike from around the world. Call us anytime for your wants and needs in this specialized and interesting field.