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Ted & Judy Harmon of Decoys Unlimited Inc.
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at the Cape Codder Resort & Hotel,
Hyannis, Massachusetts

Possible warehouse/overflow sale on the night of the 29th or the morning of the 30th

Decoy Swap & Sell • July 27 & 28 VJ Room, Cape Codder

RARE premier grade bufflehead drake by Elmer Crowell

Hooded mergansers by Samuel Hutchings

Extraordinary blackbellied plover by Elmer Crowell

Sale held at the Cape Codder Hotel and Resort in Hyannis, MA
For discounted room reservations,
call 888-297-2200

Chamber of Commerce:

Preview: Sat. July 27, 6-9 pm, Sun. July 28, 9-11 am Mon. July 29, 8-10 am

Sale starts Sunday at 11 am and Monday at 10 am

Catalog $37 by 1st class USPS. To order call (508) 362-2766

Items to be offered include:

  • Pair of gunning dowitchers, c 1910, by Elmer Crowell
  • Charles Safford Canada Goose
  • Hooded merganser by Fred Nickerson. One of a pair.
  • Pintails by Lloyd Sterling
  • Exceptional life-size woodcock by Elmer Crowell
  • Early c.1910 black-bellied plover by A. E. Crowell.
  • Blue-winged teal drake by Charlie Hart. Only known example.
  • Near-mint Canada goose by Elmer Crowell
  • Early c.1910 black-bellied plover by A. E. Crowell.
  • Sperm whale in whalebone
  • Life-size robin by Elmer Crowell
  • Kingfisher by Elmer Crowell
  • Drumming grouse by A. J. King
  • Excellent Canada goose by Joe Lincoln
  • Early Chadwick redhead drake with wing carving
  • Robin snipe, c 1880, by Lothrop Holmes
  • Very large owl by Frank Finney
  • Lone woodcock. A watercolor by William Tyner
  • Redhead drake by Tom Chambers
  • Life-size blue jay by Elmer Crowell
  • Greater yellowlegs by Joseph Lincoln
  • Feeding yellowlegs, c1900
  • Eskimo Curlew (Fox rig)
  • Stevens widgeon drake
  • White-winged scoter by Gus Wilson
  • White-winged scoter by Joe Lincoln
  • Homecoming by Jerome Howes
  • Bluebills by the Ward brothers
  • Canvasback by Duncan Ducharme
  • A drake. One of two mergansers from Friendship, Maine
  • Canada goose by Ben Schmidt
  • A hen. One of two mergansers from Friendship, Maine
  • Mason Premier mallard drake
  • Magnum hollow black duck by Charlie Hart
  • Merganser hen attributed to the Toothacher family
  • Redheads by Charlie Joiner
  • Mason Barron rig brant
  • Northern Grebe and baby by Finney
  • Flying minis from NY
  • Goldfinch by Elmer Crowell
  • Mason black-bellied plover (Eastham rig)
  • Cobalt blue glass target ball
  • Goodspeed merganser from Duxbury
  • Merganser drake from Westport (Hicks)
  • Turned head pintail from Louisiana
  • Mallard drake by Cline McAlpine
  • Mallard hen from Louisiana
  • Nantucket Friendship purse by Reyes

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