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The Pieces of History Auction – The Event!

Thursday, July 25, 2024

7 p.m. • Doors open at 5 p.m.

Wednesday, July 24, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
and on the day of the sale from 5-7 p.m.

This is a live, in-house, and online auction.

At 5 p.m. we start the evening with free champagne and finger foods.
Bidders may preview from 5 p.m. until the start of the auction at 7 p.m.

Marilyn Monroe swim suit


Janis Joplin signed lyrics

Spirit of Ecstasy Bronze

*   *   *

Featuring 5 pieces of Marilyn Monroe’s clothes and accessories with provenance from June DiMaggio and others, a bikini, a black slip, a bustier, signed white gloves, and a signed purse. 

Thomas Jefferson’s lock of hair, and a peace pipe he received as Governor of Virginia. 

Two pieces from the Mary Todd Lincoln estate, a European tall-case clock and a desk. 

A 20 lb. meteorite from Argentina. 

A 750-carat ruby beaded necklace with appraisal certificate. 

A 28¾" bronze “Spirit of Ecstasy” by Charles Sykes, numbered #23, which was probably given to an early Rolls Royce dealership. 

John Wayne’s belt buckle worn during the making of the movie “Comancheros.”

A lock of Davy Crockett’s hair.

The Last Will and Testaments signed by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.

A 1930s Inuit ensemble of a parka, leggings, boots, gloves, bag, and fishing hook sealed in a wood showcase with Plexiglas front, with 28-page appraisal. 

A large colorized picture of John Wilkes Booth and his sister. 

A letter dated 1861, signed by General George McClellan. 

A circa 1890 Sioux fully beaded vest. 

Janis Joplin signed song lyrics and photo with COA. 

A fine selection of deer and caribou antler carvings with Iroquois carved moose antlers. 

Scrimshaw carvings. 

Large and small woolly mammoth teeth, a mammoth tusk. 

An Oneida Newhouse No. 6 Bear trap, early 20th century. 

Handcrafted miniature replicas of a stagecoach and a chuck wagon crafted of wood and iron by noted artist Roy Luttrell. 

A large bronze and antler carving combination by artist Scott Hayes which received the People’s Choice Award at the Helena, Montana, Art Show in 2001. 

Early armaments, weapons including an 18th-century sword with tortoise shell handle. 

A whale tooth-handled cane. 

Prehistoric finds—fossils, teeth, dinosaur jawbone, dinosaur skull. 

Megalodon teeth. 

Large geodes and crystals. 

A rivet from the Golden Gate Bridge with provenance. 

Three small, authentic Confederate parade flags. 

A textile from Mary Ann Lincoln (The President’s spouse) embroidered “M A L” from the Robert Todd Lincoln estate. 

A signed Theodore Roosevelt letter to Charles Joseph Bonaparte, the Secretary of the Navy with COA.

A pair of 19th-century carved ivory portraits of George and Martha Washington.

A signed hand-painted cast-iron cauldron with oil painted portraits of Thomas Jefferson and his wife with a rendering of their home, Monticello, on the reverse.

A collection of four CDVs including General George McClellan, General George McClellan and his wife, Ellen, General George Washington, and Mrs. Martha Washington.

From Europe, a lion doorknocker from the home of Christopher Columbus, deaccessioned from the Chapel & Boal Mansion Museum.

A marked 1861 Civil War belt with heart-shaped buckle and other adornments, most probably Confederate. 

A State of Maryland Civil War buckle on a leather belt. 

A rare 19th-century blacksmith-made iron slave collar found in Tennessee, with authenticity. 

A silk 39-star American flag. There never was an “official” 39-star U.S. flag. However, flag manufacturers betting on early sales misjudged in 1889 by believing the two Dakotas would be admitted as one state, and the others would be delayed until after the 4th of July. Both Dakotas, Montana, and Washington were made into states in November 1889, and Idaho was admitted July 3, 1890! So any 39-star flags in existence were probably made in the fall of 1889. 

An original Addams Family illustration signed by illustrator and artist Charles Addams, ink wash on illustration board. 

Uncle Sam parade costumes with top hats from Skeets Mayo Costumes, Nashville, Tennessee, circa 1930s, an adult size and a child’s size in large showcase frames. 

Two sideshow banners by Johnny Meah, The Mountain of Mirth and Electra.

And many other quality pieces.





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