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Rare Watches from a Private Collection

Thursday, June 12, 1 pm
New York

Preview June 7–11

E. Howard & Co.
A rare 18K gold hunter cased watch with Cole’s escapement,
helical balance spring and winding indicator. $12,000-18,000


Innovative and experimental watches from the Waltham factory. American Watch Co., No. 999966 with Woerd’s patent balance. $10,000-15,000


Significant examples of early Boston watch making. Warren Manufacturing Co., No. 29. $25,000-30,000

Other items include...

Watches from pioneering American factories. Nashua Watch Co., No. 1057. $25,000-35,000

Rare watches from Otay and its successors. San Jose Watch Co. 15-jewel Overland Mail $12,000-15,000

A comprehensive collection of George Reed’s work. George Reed No. 1 with patent detent-lever escapement and mainspring barrel. $20,000-25,000

Numerous high grade railroad, precision and military watches. Illinois, 26-jewel, 18-size Pennsylvania Special. $6,000-8,000

Jonathan Snellenburg
+1 (212) 461 6530 • [email protected]

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Principal Auctioneer Malcolm Barber NYC License No. 1183017