Tuesday, August 12th, through Saturday, August 16th, at 10:00 am daily

Daily, beginning Monday, August 11th, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
& morning of each sale, 8:45 – 9:45 am

JAPANESE ARTS begin Tuesday, August 12th with a varied selection of netsuke by Mitsuhiro, Shumin, Hideyuki, Shogyoku, Masanao and others as well as numerous 18th Century pieces, ojime and inro. Ceramics include a Yabu Meizan plate, early Satsuma censer, Kinkozan pieces, Hamada Shoji pottery vase with tomobako, Imari, Kakiemon, Hirado and Kutani pieces. Metalwork includes a superb inlaid shibuichi censer, an iron censer in mallet form, an inlaid figure of Kwannon riding on a lion. A fine collection of tsuba and swords includes pieces by Toshishige, Kanetomo, Tadayasu, Soheishi Soten, Yoshiharu, Kanesada, Yanagawa Naoharu. Also, cloisonné enamels, lacquer work, fine basketry, paintings (both traditional and Western style including a watercolor by Hiroshi Yoshida) and a broad group of woodblock prints ranging from Paul Jacoulet (approximately 70 prints including the Tattooed Woman of Falalap) to early shunga as well as prints by Hiroshige (Ataki Bridge), Utamaro, Koryusai, Eizan, Ishikawa Toraji, Jun’ichiro Sekino, Hasui, Koitsu, Seiho and many more.

CHINESE AND OTHER ASIAN ARTS begin on Thursday, August 14th with snuff bottles in various materials including porcelain, jade, agate and glass. Jades feature spinach dragon bowl, white champion vase, white perfumers, inlaid white teapot, fine double coupe, pair of 15" covered vases, green crane-form box, celadon-colored wine pot, pair of table screens, brush pot, numerous pendants and fingering pieces, koros, mountains, figures and jewelry. Porcelains include monochromes, doutsai ware, famille verte and famille rose pieces, celadons, Yixing, early blue and whites, blanc de chine and numerous enameled wares. Paintings will include an important group of 20th Century Chinese oil paintings by Wang Kun, Qian Yang, Zhu Wei, as well as traditional scroll paintings, fan and album paintings by various 18th, 19th, and 20th Century artists from the collections of Georgia Cash, Frank Caro, and others. Enamels include an elephant figure, pair of 17.5" vases, covered boxes, pair of monk’s cap ewers, Shang-style bell, three-piece altar set, cloisonné censer and much more. Also export silver, scholar’s items, furniture (including a 19th Century cinnabar stand), rugs, 59" Ming wood figure and a fine iron figure of Buddha with lengthy Ming inscription. Bronzes include a Shang bronze kueh, covered zun, numerous gilt bronze figures and mirrors.Tibetan thankas. Textiles are highlighted by a red kesi dragon robe. Korean items include celadons, whiteware and bronzes.

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