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A Revolutionary Find

The art of a woman from history.

On August 7, 1782, a general by the name of George Washington felt the need to establish the Celtic bronze symbol (to be worn as a badge) in the form of a cluster of oak leaves and acorns to honor his fellow comrades for their heroic acts and sacrifices that brought an end to a grueling battle to break away from their oppressors (British rule and taxation). This rug exemplifies the prime example of a woman’s equal desire to express her pride and imagination brought on by the impending victory and peace after an arduous battle that affected her family, friends, and countrymen.... Three months later on November 30, 1782, her hopes were realized by the preliminary peace treaty in Paris to end the war. Serious Inquiries Only.

Rare 3-gallon New Jersey James Morgan two-handled cobalt jar.

18 kt 1928 Patek Phillip hinged wristwatch.

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