Hezekiah’s Candles

P.O. Box 424
Norridgewock, ME 04957


The candles are spotted and grungy in an effort to make them look like early tallow candles. I use whitened beeswax, but can leave the wax the natural yellow/mustard if preferred, and I use the 19th-century tin candle molds.

Minimum order $99. I don’t charge shipping, but ask that you prepay by sending a check or money order. Please allow three weeks for delivery. Call me if you have any questions.

To order, please print this ad, complete form, and mail with your check or money order to:
Hezekiah's Candles
PO Box 424, Norridgewock, ME 04957

______ Single “tallow” candle $3
______ 6 candles per rod @ $18
(Candles are left hanging from the wire used to pull them from the molds)
_____________ Total
Ship to: _____________________________________
Date of Order: ________________________________