James Hastrich
Maker of
Important American Painted Furniture

in Miniature

I have been making American Painted Furniture, c. 1680-1860, in miniature since 1979. All of my pieces are historically accurate, constructed and finished using traditional methods and materials. Square nails are used when building case pieces; mortise and tenon joints, held together with wooden pegs, are used for tables, panel doors, etc.; drawers are constructed with hand-cut dovetails. Fancy decorating techniques, i.e., putty or vinegar graining, smoke graining, brush stroke graining, are done in the traditional manner.

I have been given permission to photograph and measure important pieces of American Painted furniture from the following institutions:

Miniature Johannes Spitler Chest
Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, c. 1800
4" wide x 2¼" tall x 17/8" deep

Detail of hand-cut dovetail construction.

Miniature Compass Artist Box
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, c. 1800-20
Made of Tulip Poplar, period style hinges, hand-made hardware,
hand-cut dovetailed construction, top and bottom attached with wooden pegs.

Miniature Moses Eaton Paint Sample Box, c. 1800-30
Nine panels, decorated on both sides, fitting into the carrying box.
American Folk Art Museum Collection. Available: 2½" wide or 2" wide.

You are invited to visit my gallery/studio in Kennebunk, Maine,
where you can view a display of work for sale as well as see work in progress.
A call ahead is advised.

James Hastrich
Maker of Important American Painted Furniture in Miniature

For prices, availability, and more information:
PO Box 757 • Kennebunkport, Maine 04046
207-967-2729 • cell: 207-590-1990
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