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Bartlam Teapot Brings $805,678
by Lita Solis-Cohen

The earliest-known American porcelain teapot, missing its lid and its handle reglued, attributed to the John Bartlam factory at Cain Hoy in South Carolina, circa 1768, sold at Woolley & Wallis in Salisbury, England, for £460,000 on February 20. With buyer’s premium, that comes to $805,678.   The buyer in the salesroom was London ... (Read More)

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More Than Flurries
by Clayton Pennington

The end of 2017 brought more than a flurry of interesting news. - The biggest surprise was that Fairfield, Maine’s James D. Julia has been acquired by Morphy Auctions. Jim Julia, who took over his father’s small auction house, built it into a multimillion-dollar business with a combination of savvy dealing ... (Read More)


Ludlow Antiques Show to Continue Under New Management
by M.A.D. staff

The Ludlow Antiques Show—one of the five shows that make up Antiques Week in Vermont—will continue this year under new management. Kris Johnson and Steve Sherhag, promoters of the Okemo Antique Show and the Vermont Picker’s Market, will now manage the show, assisted by Robert Conrad, promoter of the New ... (Read More)

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Frank Daley and Judith Engel, Modern on the Hudson, Hudson, New York
by Frank Donegan

In the Trade No matter how you may feel about mid-century modern, you’ve got to be curious about anyone who buys Eames chairs by the gross. That’s what Frank Daley and Judith Engel do. It may not be the major part of their business—and they certainly don’t consider it the most exciting ... (Read More)

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The Dodges and Their Potteries
by Justin W. Thomas

There are many noted families that produced red earthenware in New England’s 18th- and 19th-century pottery industry, such as the Parker family in Charlestown, Massachusetts, the Osborn family in Peabody, Massachusetts, and the Corliss family in Maine. These families often receive high praise today from collectors, museums, and scholars. It ... (Read More)


Barnebys Buys Collectors Weekly
by M.A.D. staff

Barnebys, an Internet search engine for design, antiques, and art, has acquired Collectors Weekly, according to a press release. Based in San Francisco, Collectors Weekly is a website that lists hundreds of thousands of objects in almost 2000 collecting categories. The site attracts roughly 1 million visitors every month. In addition ... (Read More)

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Letter from London, February 2018
by Ian McKay,

Discerning Drinkers—Raise Your Glasses to the Kaplan Collection! There have been moments when I wished that I had decided as a young man to collect beautiful old drinking glasses. Instead, I took to filling my home with books, and, though I continue to enjoy drinking beer, wine, and peaty malt whiskies, ... (Read More)

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Cloud Storage
by John P. Reid,

Computer Column #349 We often have written about cloud storage of computer files. Recent changes in some cloud systems have greatly increased their usefulness. Cloud storage is a figurative reference to storing your computer files on some company’s large computer system reached over the Internet. The object is to protect the ... (Read More)


Met Changes Admission Policy
by M.A.D. staff

It was a tightwad’s best secret—the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) had only a “suggested” admission price, not a mandatory one. On January 4, it was announced that the policy would be rescinded and a mandatory admission fee would be charged beginning March 1. The updated policy, which received approval from ... (Read More)


Morphy Auctions Merges with James D. Julia, Inc.
by M.A.D. staff

On December 20, 2017, it was announced that Morphy Auctions of Denver, Pennsylvania, and Las Vegas, Nevada, has merged with Fairfield, Maine, auction house James D. Julia, Inc., which will become a division of Morphy Auctions. Terms of the deal, which was finalized on December 14, were not announced. James Julia, ... (Read More)
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