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The Anastatic Copy of the Declaration of Independence Lita Solis-Cohen 2008-08-15
New Jersey Makes Claim for a Jefferson Letter; Collector Sues for Its Return Clayton Pennington 2008-08-15
Gun Dealer Sentenced to Two Years for Frazier Museum Tax Evasion Robert Kyle 2008-08-15
Antique Toys Exempt from Updated Lead Ban David Hewett 2008-08-15
Variety Adds Spice Walter C. Newman 2008-08-14
Market Lively at Successful Sale Elizabeth Bidwell Bates 2008-08-14
Almost a $2 Million Weekend Sale David Hewett 2008-08-14
Americana Auction at Eldred's Jackie Sideli 2008-08-14
Knotty Pine Changes Course Jackie Sideli 2008-08-14
Cropsey at the Top, Then All the Rest Jeanne Schinto 2008-08-14