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Twenty-Fifth Annual Antiques Show Seamlessly Blends Museum and Antiques David Hewett 2008-12-18
Prendergast Watercolor Tops Well-Attended Sale Rose Safran 2008-12-18
The $5,234,500 Philadelphia Stool Is One of a Pair Lita Solis-Cohen 2008-12-17
IFPDA Book Award 2008-12-17
Art Dealer Arrested, Charged 2008-12-16
Master Class in Folk Art 2008-12-16
Americana in New York City in January Lita Solis-Cohen 2008-12-16
Americana Sale Tests the Market Lita Solis-Cohen 2008-12-12
Auctions Houses Not Immune to Job Losses 2008-12-12
Will a Pay Now, Bid Later Approach Work for an Auctioneer? David Hewett 2008-12-12
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