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High Quality, Slow Sales Maine artist John G. Cloudman ($9500) 2009-08-28
Marriage Made in Heaven: Wine and Folk Art Jeanne Schinto 2009-08-27
Newest Lawsuit Raises Questions in the Bouguereau, Nuns, and Art Dealers Case David Hewett 2009-08-26
Summer Ceramics Sale Marks Firm's 14th Auction Karl H. Pass 2009-08-26
Letter from London Ian McKay 2009-08-25
What's Blocking the Successful Sale of a Klimt Drawing David Hewett 2009-08-25
Dealer Sues Dealer Over Chagall Clown 2009-08-24
The Lights Are on at Julia's-Sort Of Mark Sisco 2009-08-24
Long Decoys Sell at Historic $4.1 Million Sale Jeanne Schinto 2009-08-21
Freeman's to Sell Works from the Lehman Brothers Collection Lita Solis-Cohen 2009-08-21
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