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Stories for August '17


The Marcy Carsey Collection Is Sold Online
by Lita Solis-Cohen

Lark Mason Associates, New Braunfels, Texas Photos courtesy iGavel Marcy Carsey is a television producer who with business partner Tom Werner produced The Cosby Show, A Different World, and Roseanne, among other big successes. She has been reaping huge profits on reruns ever since. Carsey discovered country furniture and folk art in ... (Read More)


A "Cool Show-- Rhinebeck Rocks"
by Fran Kramer

Antiques at Rhinebeck, Rhinebeck, New York The quoted praise in the title above is about as good as it gets, especially coming from a young exhibitor. An older member of the club said, “The best in every category of collecting is here.” Exhibitor Michael Friedman stated, “Terrific show, like the old ... (Read More)


World-Record Banner Sets the Tone at Americana and Political Sale
by Susan Emerson Nutter

Heritage Auctions, Dallas, Texas Photos courtesy Heritage Auctions The interest in politics and the political process is at an all-time high, undoubtedly fueled by the most recent United States presidential election and subsequent discourse concerning the new leaders. But then again, Monday-morning armchair quarterbacking has been going on for decades, even centuries, where ... (Read More)
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