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Black Fine Art 2001 Show ; Maine Antique Digest, April 2001 Ted Landsmark See More
New York City Lita Solis-Cohen See More
The National Black Fine Art Show; Maine Antique Digest, April 1999 Ted Landsmark See More
Black Memorabilia & Artifacts Show: Maine Antique Digest, Sept 1997 Dick FrizSee More
Case of $115 Blanket That Sold for $290,000 settled: Maine Antique Digest, March 1998 David HewettSee More
$20 Rug to $290,000 Blanket David HewettSee More
$20 Rug to $290,000 Blanket David HewettSee More
Van Blarcom Has Good Americana Sale: Maine Antique Digest 05/96 Lita Solis-CohenSee More
Blayney Collection, Second Inning ; Maine Antique Digest, September 2000 Larry Thompson See More
Dr. Barbara Bloemink Joins Hirschl & Adler; Maine Antique Digest, February 1999  See More
Ship Portrait Tops Maine Auction; Maine Antique Digest, November 2001 Clayton Pennington See More
Annual Adirondack Museum Antiques Show : Maine Antique Digest, December 2000 Betty Flood See More
Irreplaceable Artifacts' Building and Stock Destroyed; Maine Antique Digest,September 2000  See More
Dealer and Father Indicted Over Building's Partial Collapse ; Maine Antique Digest,September 2001  See More
Lake Memorabilia and Classic Boat Auction; Maine Antique Digest, September 1999 Rose Safran See More
Boca Show Changes Dates and Location ; Maine Antique Digest, September 2001  See More
Low-key Americana Auction Brings $1.2 Million; Maine Antique Digest, November 1999 David HewettSee More
There's a Bomb in the Attic; Maine Antique Digest, April 1999 Gillian HobbsSee More
David Hewett See More
The Bone Trade: Taking the Skeleton from the Closet to the Auction Block; MaineAntique Digest, January 2000 Robert Kyle See More
Pacific Book Auction Galleries Receives Significant Private Funding ; Maine AntiqueDigest, April 2001  See More
Inaugural Book Sale in Maine; Maine Antique Digest, December 2000 Clayton Pennington See More
Pacific Book Auction Gallery in Financial Bind ; Maine Antique Digest, December1999 David Hewett See More
$2.5 Million Blowout Auction: Maine Antique Digest, Oct. 1996 David HewettSee More
Borghese Watercolors Not Antique: Maine Antique Digest (Jan '97) Rob HoffmanSee More
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