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Arts and Crafts in Massachusetts: Maine Antique Digest, April 1998 Gae ElfenbeinSee More
Arts & Crafts Sale Tops Million-Dollar Mark; Maine Antique Digest, August 1998 Gae ElfenbeinSee More
Art Dealers Arrested, Charged ; Maine Antique Digest, July 2001  See More
Art Intelligence Newsletter  See More
ASA Members Charge Cover-up: Maine Antique Digest, March 1998 David HewettSee More
Ashley Halsey, Jr.'s Firearms and Edged Weapons ; Maine Antique Digest, February 1999 Lita Solis-Cohen See More
Record Price for Chinese Furniture: Maine Antique Digest; Nov. 1996  See More
Aston Changes Name: Maine Antique Digest, Jan '98  See More
Tribal Art Dealers Help Fund Pueblo Library ; Maine Antique Digest, February 2000  See More
Storm Cuts Attendance at Massachusetts Auction ; Maine Antique Digest, May 2001 Jackie Sideli See More
Atlantique City Tries a Country Antiques Fair ; Maine Antique Digest, June 2001 Dorothy S. Gelatt See More
Atlantic Auction Gallery Declares Bankruptcy, Owes Up to $500,000 to Hundreds ;Maine Antique Digest, August 2001 David Hewett See More
Looking for St. Nick ; Maine Antique Digest, September 1998  See More
Auction Law and Ethics  See More
Couple Plead Guilty to Selling Bogus Autographs; Maine Antique Digest, May 2000  See More
AVAM Not Closing: Maine Antique Digest, April 1997 Lita Solis-CohenSee More
Provenance Invented and Faked Man Rays Dorothy S. Gelatt See More
Provenance Invented and Faked Man Rays Dorothy S. Gelatt See More
New Kid on Art & Auction Cover: Maine Antique Digest (02/96)  See More
The British Antique Dealers' Association Antiques & Fine Art Fair ; MaineAntique Digest, June 2001 Lita Solis-Cohen See More
Joshua Baer, Dealer in Native American Arts, Indicted ; Maine Antique Digest,December 2001 David Hewett See More
Emma P. Bailey, America's First Woman Auctioneer, Dies; Maine Antique Digest, November 1999  See More
California Americana Show Under New Management; Maine Antique Digest, October 2000  See More
Onderdonk Painting Tops Auction ; Maine Antique Digest, December 2001 Jackie Sideli See More
McGwire Joins Old-timers at Christie's $1.3 Million Sale; Maine Antique Digest, Janaury 1999 Dorothy S. GelattSee More
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