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(Computer Article)

Collectible Computers, Screen Savers
by John P. Reid

Computer Column # 226by John P. Reid, e-mail: [email protected] as collectibles and homegrown screen savers are discussed.-Antique Computers?Setting up at an antiques show with an old Windows 95 computer for recording sales, I am sometimes jokingly asked, "Is that an antique?" Perhaps it is—if computer years are like dog years. ... (Read More)


No Sophomore Slump at O'Brien's Second Sporting Sale
by Jeanne Schinto

Copley Fine Art Auctions, Plymouth, Massachusettsby Jeanne SchintoA curlew carved by A. Elmer Crowell achieved a new price record at Stephen B. O'Brien Jr.'s second annual sporting sale on July 26, when it sold to a phone bidder for $186,500 (includes buyer's premium). According to O'Brien's research, it is the ... (Read More)


Historic Americana Auction
by Don Johnson

Cowan's, Cincinnati, Ohioby Don JohnsonGo West, young man.If you're thinking Horace Greeley, you'd be wrong. John Soule's 1851 article in the Terre Haute (Indiana) Express originated the famous quote that has been credited with sending many a young man west across the continent. Seems it was good advice then. Ditto ... (Read More)


Sternboard Eagle Leads Cyr Auction
by Mark Sisco

Cyr Auction Company, Gray, Maineby Mark SiscoThere was standing room only, and precious little of that, at Cyr Auction Company's July 11 Fine Arts and Americana auction in Gray, Maine. The place was packed, and so were the books holding the absentee bids. Auctioneer Jim Cyr reported "Our previous record ... (Read More)


Durfee Collection of Dedham Pottery Sold
by Alexander Farnham

Northeast Auctions, Manchester, New Hampshireby Alexander FarnhamOn August 3, as part of its 20th annual summer Americana auction in Manchester, New Hampshire, Northeast Auctions sold 96 pieces of Dedham pottery from the collection of Florence Durfee. Another part of her collection will be included in the firm's October 26-28 auction. ... (Read More)


Americana Celebration in Deerfield
by Mark Sisco

Deerfield, New Hampshireby Mark SiscoThis was Nan Gurley's 13th year at Antiques Week in New Hampshire. Her annual outdoor show at the fairgrounds in Deerfield, New Hampshire, was held on August 7. She stuck to her traditional Tuesday, despite Frank Gaglio's show opening the day before in nearby Bedford. Sandwiched ... (Read More)


"I Like to Auction Better Than Anything I've Ever Done in My Life"
by Mark Sisco

Martin J. Donnelly Antique Tools, Hillsboro, New Hampshireby Mark SiscoSomehow, the story of the tools seems secondary to the story of the man. Martin Donnelly's Live Free or Die Antique Tool Auctions conducted its annual sale and show on the Withington auction grounds in Hillsboro, New Hampshire, on June 29 ... (Read More)


Let's Hear It for the Associations

I managed to get to the Maine Antiques Dealers Association show at River Arts at Round Top Farm in Damariscotta a few weeks ago and had a short talk with outgoing MADA president Nancy Glazer of Bailey Island. I told her I thought she and her organization had done an ... (Read More)
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