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(Young Collectors)

Get On Board
by Hollie Davis and Andrew Richmond

The Young Collector Part of our impetus for uprooting our lives so completely a couple years ago was the desire to be part of a community. We both grew up in small towns, the kind of place where you saw your teacher at church and the cashier in the grocery store ... (Read More)


Signed Newport Fly Tea Table Shown in Reopened Museum
by Lita Solis-Cohen

When the Whitehorne House Museum at 416 Thames Street, Newport, Rhode Island, reopened on May 29, it put on view a tea table with the chalk signature of joiner Joseph Sanford. The Newport Restoration Foundation bought the table at Sotheby’s in January 2019. Armin Allen, a foundation trustee, did the ... (Read More)

(Computer Article)

Multiple Lists, Desktops, and Monitors
by John P. Reid

Computer Column #366 Doing research for something as simple as this column can result in piles of notes. Sorting and organizing such notes amounts to organizing the column or another research report. In high school we old-timers were taught to put the notes on file cards. This still works. A book collector ... (Read More)

(Book Review)

Books Received, July 2019
by M.A.D. staff

These are brief reviews of books recently sent to us. We have included ordering information for publishers that accept mail, phone, or online orders. For other publishers, your local bookstore or a mail-order house is the place to look. Monet: The Late Years by George T.M. Shackelford (Kimbell Art Museum and ... (Read More)

(Issue Story)

The Stuff about the Stuff: The Value and Imperiled Future of Collectors’ Papers
by Jeanne Schinto

Part II of II As an antiques reporter, I have always loved best the assignments that send me into archives to read the papers of collectors from past generations. Besides enjoying the guilty pleasure associated with reading other people’s mail, I have found these troves to be filled with fascinating and ... (Read More)

(Book Review)

Augmenting the Canon
by Lita Solis-Cohen

What a great title for a catalog that brings new scholarship up to date in the field of American Neoclassical furniture and decorative arts. Augmenting the Canon is the latest addition to a shelf of catalogs written by Stuart Feld, this one with his daughter, Elizabeth. The first catalog in ... (Read More)

(Issue Story)

In the Trade: Christopher P. Settle Antiques, Newton, Massachusetts
by Frances McQueeney-Jones Mascolo

In the Trade Some might say that Massachusetts dealer Christopher Settle took a circuitous route to dealing in fine antiques. But that would not be true. At loose ends after college, where he’d been an English major, he took a job as a packer for an Ann Arbor, Michigan, moving company. ... (Read More)

(Issue Story)

Another Look for Ten Bucks
by Clayton Pennington, Editorial July 2019

Editorial, July 2019 In early April an intriguing new service was added to eBay. Before bidding on or buying Asian art, eBay users in the United States can now pay $10 via PayPal to have the object looked at—via the eBay listing and not in person—by an expert in Asian art ... (Read More)


Winterthur Acquires a Landscape by Duncanson
by Lita Solis-Cohen

Museums are making up for the fact that African American artists have rarely made it into the mainstream of art history by making an effort to tell a more inclusive story. Winterthur is the latest to announce an important acquisition to this end. It has acquired a major oil painting ... (Read More)
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