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Supreme Court Decision Changes Sales Tax Policies at Auction Houses
by Frances McQueeney-Jones Mascolo

In an e-mail sent on March 26, Josh Eldred, president of Robert C. Eldred, Inc., East Dennis, Massachusetts, notified clients of recent changes in sales tax laws that will require the imposition of sales tax on all objects shipped to New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. The 2018 Supreme Court’s ruling in ... (Read More)

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Letter from London, May 2019
by Ian McKay,

There are Impressionists and Post-Impressionists and moderns contributing to the pictorial content of this month’s “Letter,” but in terms of sheer numbers it is an exceptional collection of Lalique wares that leads the illustration count. Elsewhere there are dummy boards and walking sticks, something for those who like to row, and, ... (Read More)

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Silhouettes “Cut Without Hands...”: A Rare Broadside for Miss Martha Ann Honeywell
by Marius B. Péladeau

The discovery of a previously unknown printed advertisement for Martha Ann Honeywell, a silhouette artist born without arms, caused this author to reexamine the young lady’s life and see if anything had surfaced in recent years that might cast new light on her unusual career. For someone to forge ahead in ... (Read More)

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A Fundamental Question
by Hollie Davis and Andrew Richmond

The Young Collector Is there anything more exhausting than a small child who wants to know the why of everything? And to answer is just a trap! We all know that nothing good comes of answering “Why?” because it’s just followed by another one. It is unending. Kid questions are unending ... (Read More)

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Exhibitions, May 2019

Maine Antique Digest includes, as space permits, brief announcements of exhibitions planned by galleries, museums, or other venues. We need all press materials at least six weeks in advance of opening. We need to know the hours and dates of the exhibit, admission charges, and phone number and website for ... (Read More)


Bonhams Raises Buyer’s Premium
by M.A.D. staff

On March 4 Bonhams raised its buyer’s premium. The new rates are 27.5% on the first $3000 of the hammer price; 25% of the hammer price of amounts in excess of $3000 up to and including $400,000; 20% of the hammer price of amounts in excess of $400,000 up to and ... (Read More)


by M.A.D. staff

On February 17, just a month after she had shepherded a successful Outsider art sale at Christie’s, Cara Zimmerman gave birth to Alexander Dylan Forsyth, 6 lbs. 7 oz. and 19 inches long. Mother and father could not be happier, she wrote in an e-mail. Originally published in the April 2019 ... (Read More)

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Another Slice of the Loaf
by Clayton Pennington, Editorial April 2019

In a world where transactional costs are coming down thanks to technology, four big auction houses—Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Phillips, and Bonhams—have all “adjusted” their buyer’s premium, making it even costlier for buyers to acquire art and antiques via auction. None have crossed the 25% line, except for Bonhams, which now charges 27.5% ... (Read More)

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The Frenzy for Fresh to the Market
by Baron Perlman

Feature Fresh-to-the-market antiques seem as desirable to collectors as fresh-to-the-market corn on the cob, tomatoes, or other vegetables at a farmer’s stand. Dealers talk up pieces in their shops and show booths as untouched by the eyes of collectors. Entire shows take pride in antiques that have not been shopped around. ... (Read More)
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