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The Thrilla and Alexander Farnham

Jim's of Lambertville, Lambertville, New Jersey, will present The Thrilla in Lambertvilla XVIII, an exhibition of Pennsylvania Impressionists and Modernists, opening Saturday, November 3, at 6 p.m.The selling exhibition will feature over 100 works by Fern Coppedge, Harry Leith-Ross, Daniel Garber, Edward Willis Redfield, Robert Spencer, Walter Emerson Baum, John ... (Read More)


Gamage Gets the Gold
by Mark Sisco

Bruce Gamage Jr., Rockland, Maineby Mark SiscoAuctioneer Bruce Gamage kicked off Maine's unofficial antiques week with a tidy estate sale in Rockland on August 27. The two biggest hits had everybody buzzing before and after the event. Both were six-figure strikes.The first was a unique gold medal that had been ... (Read More)


Gould Modern Art Collection Exhibited at New Britain Museum
by Ed Pfeiffer

New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, Connecticutby Ed Pfeiffer Michael and Marilyn Gould of Wilton, Connecticut, are well known in the antiques field as experienced and skilled managers of significant antiques shows. Less known is that they have a personal interest in modern art and an impressive collection ... (Read More)


The Firearms Column
by Robert Kyle

by Robert Kyle As 19th-century Americans spread westward, the horizon got bigger, and so did the wild animals. The old single-shot muzzle-loaders and early models of the smaller caliber Winchester rifles were appropriate for small game and white-tailed deer in eastern forests but no match for bison, elk, antelope, sheep, ... (Read More)


In the Trade: Mary Jean McLaughlin of Ivoryton, Connecticut
by Frank Donegan

In the Tradeby Frank Donegan Mary Jean McLaughlin sells only wicker. She calls it "the orphan of the antiques business." If that's true, then her rambling Colonial Revival home in Ivoryton, Connecticut, is one heck of an orphanage. Eighteen or 20 of its rooms (she's not exactly sure of the ... (Read More)

(Auction Law and Ethics)

Auctioneers and the Misunderstood Tool
by Steve Proffitt

Auction Law and Ethicsby Steve Proffitt Here's an old joke. Junior was a woodcutter by trade. He was a man's man, but not the brightest penny. As we say down South, if he was twice as smart, he'd be a half-wit. Junior started off with a hand ax cutting pulpwood. ... (Read More)


Northeast Ends Its August Sell-a-thon with $6.23 Million Sale
by David Hewett

Portsmouth, New Hampshireby David Hewett August is famous in New Hampshire for many reasons: the long-awaited native tomato finally ripens; the Red Sox begin or threaten to begin their traditional swoon (some years they wait until mid-September); and Northeast Auctions holds its two biggest events of the year—the Americana and ... (Read More)
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