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Eleventh Annual Antiques in Alexandria Show
by Robert Kyle

by Robert Kyle The mid-March Antiques in Alexandria show in Alexandria, Virginia, falls at an opportune time of year. It's too chilly for outdoor shows, and there are no competing indoor antiques events in the Washington, D.C., area. So why isn't this classy show mobbed? It is, more or less. It ... (Read More)


The Original 23rd Street Armory Antiques Show
by Lita Solis-Cohen

by Lita Solis-Cohen Dealers competed for collectors' dollars in three locations during Antiques Week in Philadelphia in April. The five-day Philadelphia Antiques Show at the 33rd Street Armory attracted the largest crowd, and dealers there did the most business. Barn Star Productions' Original 23rd Street Armory Antiques Show on April 13-15, ... (Read More)


Boston Welcomes Its New Antiques Shows
by Jeanne Schinto

by Jeanne Schinto Promoter Marvin Getman's latest effort attracted one of the largest crowds in recent memory to an antiques show in Boston. Actually, it was a triple bill. It combined an antiques show, an antiquarian book and ephemera fair, and what is believed to be Boston's first-ever antique textile and ... (Read More)


Bowmanville Show Dealers Honor Founder Rob Lambert
by John Norris

by John Norris All prices in Canadian funds (rounded U.S. funds in parentheses) Thirty-three years have slipped by as if it were just yesterday when Nancy and Rob Lambert promoted the first Bowmanville show in Bowmanville, Ontario, then called the April Antiques and Folk Art Show. Nancy died a year later, but ... (Read More)


Erotic Art Auction in Arizona
by Alan M. Petrillo

by Alan M. Petrillo Classique Erotique Auctions, Phoenix, Arizona, conducted its first-ever sale of erotic material in the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale on January 27 and scored. Amanda Collins, gallery director of the associated Martin Gordon Gallery in Phoenix, said they "attracted a great deal of different people." She added ... (Read More)


Computer Column #222: Writing, Cataloging, and Listening
by John P. Reid, [email protected]

by John P. Reid, [email protected] A change in Microsoft Word, simple software for collectors, new features of on-line antiques newsletters, and a really simple word processor are the topics this month. -New Microsoft Word Microsoft Word dominates the personal computer word processor market. Its file format has been the de facto standard for ... (Read More)


Goodbye Peter's Party Complex, Hello Auction Gallery
by Fran Kramer

by Fran Kramer Just 18 hours after being on the world's longest flight, from Singapore to Newark, New Jersey, in 18 hours, I joined a full house of other auction-goers on April 7 in Leicester, New York, for Samuel Cottone's last major sale at Peter's Party Complex. Others had traveled from ... (Read More)
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