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Arts & Crafts Auction Successful; Maine Antique Digest, April 2000 Gae Elfenbein See More
Antique Digest, May 1998  See More
E; Maine Antique Digest, July 1999  See More
Harold Sack Dies at 89; Maine Antique Digest, August 2000  See More
The ADA Show Lita Solis-CohenSee More
Accused Staffordshire Faker Acquitted Sarah Jane Checkland See More
Designed to Deceive Lita Solis-CohenSee More
Attractive Fall Jewelry Events Peter J. Theriault, FGA, GGSee More
Maine Wildfowl Decoy Auction Jackson ParkerSee More
Top 25 Lots at Guyette & Schmidt Wildfowl Decoy Auction  See More
The International 20th Century Arts Fair ; Maine Antique Digest, February 2001 Lita Solis-Cohen See More
New York Secondhand Dealers Bill Dead for Now ; Maine Antique Digest, September2001 Adrienne Coons and Betty Flood, Cuyler News Service See More
Lita Solis-CohenSee More
;Why is a Dead Letter, Maine Antique Digest, July 2001 James MaroneySee More
AB Bookman's Weekly Folds; Maine Antique Digest, May 2000 David Hewett See More
**; Maine Antique Digest, December 1999 David Hewett See More
New Deerfield/ADAA Show: Maine Antique Digest, Feb. 1998 Lita Solis-CohenSee More
Art Dealers (ADAA) Show a Success: Maine Antique Digest 05/96 Elizabeth ShawSee More
ADEC Acquires Falk's Index: Maine Antique Digest, March 1998  See More
The Annual Adirondack Show: Maine Antique Digest, November 1997 David HewettSee More
Adirondack Museum Antiques Show; Maine Antique Digest, December 1998 Betty Flood See More
The Indianapolis Advertising Show: Maine Antique Digest, June 1998 Don JohnsonSee More
Indianapolis Antique Advertising Show; Maine Antique Digest, December 1999 Don JohnsonSee More
 See More
Aesthetic Silver At Sotheby's: Maine Antique Digest 08/96 Lita Solis-CohenSee More
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