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New Collectors Help Prices Climb at Shaker Auction
by David Hewett

Willis Henry Auctions, Inc., Pittsfield, Massachusettsby David HewettWillis Henry opened his October 14 Shaker auction at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, with the announcement that he and his wife, Karel, had just discovered that it was his 25th year at selling Shaker-associated material. "Someone told us that if ... (Read More)


Heritage Medal and Token Sale Upstaged by Pulitzer Medals
by Samuel Pennington

Heritage Auction Galleries, Long Beach, Californiaby Samuel PenningtonDallas-based Heritage Auction Galleries held a tokens and medals signature auction in Long Beach, California, on September 27 and 28. The sale total was $596,565.70 (includes buyers' premiums), with the highest-priced item bringing $63,250, but the big news was what happened to three ... (Read More)


The Hong Fire of 1843
by Alan Snyder

by Alan SnyderAmong the most fascinating, dramatic, and rare pictures of the China trade are those that depict the disastrous fires that ravaged Canton and the foreign hongs along the Pearl River during the 19th century. Hongs were residences and trading headquarters for merchants from the West.Some hong fire paintings ... (Read More)


The International Art + Design Fair
by Lita Solis-Cohen

New York Cityby Lita Solis-CohenThe International Art + Design Fair, held October 5-10, was the first fair seriously impacted by global warming. With midsummer weather on Columbus Day weekend, people left New York City for the beaches. A parade on Columbus Day did not help the gate on Monday, and ... (Read More)


International Vintage Poster Fair Returns to New York City
by Richard de Thuin

New York Cityby Richard de ThuinThe International Vintage Poster Fair, held October 19-21 in New York City, included 25 world-class vintage poster exhibitors from the United States and western Europe. The fair was produced by Gail Chisholm, owner of Chisholm Gallery, New York City, enjoying her 30th year in the ... (Read More)


In the Trade: Kathleen and Philip Seibel, Catskill, New York
by Frank Donegan

In the Tradeby Frank DoneganIf you're looking for a nice country cupboard in old paint—or if, in fact, you're looking for 20 or 30 of them—Kathleen and Philip Seibel's early Dutch brick saltbox house just outside Catskill, New York, would be a good place to start. You probably wouldn't have ... (Read More)


Rockport Auction Grosses Nearly $4.6 Million
by Mark Sisco

James D. Julia, Inc., Rockport, Maineby Mark SiscoThe biggest auction in Maine seems to grow bigger and bigger each year. James D. Julia, Inc. held its 20th annual auction at the Samoset Resort in Rockport, Maine, on August 28-30. It has now grown from the first million-dollar auction in the ... (Read More)

(Auction Law and Ethics)

One to Remember
by Steve Proffitt

Auction Law and Ethicsby Steve ProffittLast month I cited section 2-328 of the Uniform Commercial Code to discuss four important rules about auctions with reserve, including one rule that is largely unknown. I promised to use a real-world auction event this month to illustrate the significant value and protection that ... (Read More)


Liberty from A to Z and Beyond
by Pete Prunkl

Liberty, North Carolinaby Pete PrunklCooler weather and warmer disposable income may have helped drive attendance to an all-time high for the September 28 and 29 Liberty Antiques Festival in Liberty, North Carolina. A week after the show closed, promoter, former antiques dealer, and jack-of-all-trades Vito Sico estimated attendance at between ... (Read More)


New York Artists Dominate North Carolina Sale
by Pete Prunkl

Leland Little Auctions and Estate Sales, Hillsborough, North Carolinaby Pete PrunklNancy Blount is M.A.D.'s back story source at Leland Little Auctions. She was at the center of the consignment of a rare Chester Webster salt-glazed storage jar at Little's June 2006 sale ("Provenance Meets Providence," M.A.D. October 2006). She came ... (Read More)
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