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Another Collector Gets Mugged on the Internet?
by Ralph Finch

by Ralph FinchIt’s a little after 9 a.m., Saturday, June 23, 2007. I just ... (Read More)


Americana Week in NYC

Americana in New York ... (Read More)


Chest Spices Up Auction

Chest Spices Up Cincinnati Auction ... (Read More)


27th Summer Antiques Show Sizzles a Second Time
by Robert Kyle

Baltimore, Maryland by Robert Kyle The Three Musketeers did it again. The trio of young show promoters, known as the Palm Beach Group, convincingly confirmed that last year’s dramatic resurrection and rebirth of a middling 26-year-old downtown Baltimore event was no accident. One for all and all for one certainly translated into ... (Read More)

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Correction about Indian Weathervane Sold at Sotheby’s

The Indian weathervane sold at Sotheby’s on October 4, 2007, to Leigh Keno was gilded, not painted as the caption suggested in an effort to explain the comparatively low price of $241,000 (M.A.D., December 2007, page 3-D). An Indian weathervane of this size sold at Northeast Auctions for $365,500 in ... (Read More)
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