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(Auction Law and Ethics)

Auction Law and Ethics: The Big One!
by buying my items for under fair-market value. I wou

Auction Law and EthicsThe Big One!by Steve ProffittIn June, I began answering several questions a reader posed. When I filled my space for that column, I hadn't even gotten to my big point. Here's the letter—my big point follows.I consigned a nice collection to an auctioneer to sell in what ... (Read More)


Early Birds Get the Worms at the King City Show
by John Norris

King City, OntarioEarly Birds Get the Worms at the King City Showby John NorrisAll prices in Canadian funds; rounded U.S. dollars in parentheses "We've been opening the show at one p.m. for twenty-two years now," said Sam Halpern, promoter, with his wife, Sandra, of the King City Show, held April ... (Read More)


Mulliken Tall Clock, Found on West Coast, Sells for $33,350 at Kaminski
by Jeanne Schinto

Mulliken Tall Clock, Found on West Coast, Sells for $33,350 at Kaminski by Jeanne Schinto On Sunday, April 22, the same weekend as the Schmitt auction (p. 16-D), Frank Kaminski of Kaminski Auctions, Beverly, Massachusetts, offered 520 items, including a tall clock made by Joseph Mulliken (1765-1802) of Concord, Massachusetts. ... (Read More)


In the Trade: Charles and Rebekah Clark, Woodbury, Connecticut
by Frank Donegan

In the TradeCharles and Rebekah Clark, Woodbury, Connecticutby Frank DoneganI first met Charles and Rebekah Clark in New York in the mid-1990's. We were all setting up for the American Classicism show at Alexander Gallery on Madison Avenue. Charles and Rebekah were wearing white cotton curator's gloves. I said to ... (Read More)


The Terry Walker Collection: Part Two
by Chris Beckett

Chris Huntington, Truro, Nova ScotiaThe Terry Walker Collection: Part Twoby Chris BeckettAll prices in Canadian funds; rounded U.S. figures in parenthesesThe trouble with announcing your retirement, especially if you're an auctioneer, is that the sale opportunity of an entire career could be just around the corner. Well-known Maine and Maritime ... (Read More)


12th Annual Hunt Country Antiques Fair
by Robert Kyle

Leesburg, Virginia12th Annual Hunt Country Antiques Fairby Robert KyleThe Hunt Country Spring Antiques Fair has endured over the years by changing with the economic times and adjusting to meteorological uncertainties. Once a gala outside event with majestic pointed white tents on the grounds of the historic Oatlands Plantation south of ... (Read More)


Comprehensive Edward Hopper Retrospective
by Rose Safran

Museum of Fine Arts, BostonComprehensive Edward Hopper Retrospective by Rose Safran"He became, in the public's mind, a down-to-earth, stalwart, quintessentially American artist, a realist whose style was associated with truth telling and admirable independence."—Carol Troyen, curator, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, from the exhibition catalog essay "A Stranger Worth Talking ... (Read More)


The Firearms Column
by Robert Kyle

The Firearms Columnby Robert KyleSometimes it may seem that most of the gun auction action takes place on the right and left coasts. Certainly, many important and historic arms have changed hands for impressive prices in New England and California, but tucked away near Topeka is an outfit where you ... (Read More)


McKenney Collection Called Fantastic
by Walter C. Newman

Green Valley Auctions, Inc., Mt. Crawford, VirginiaMcKenney Collection Called Fantasticby Walter C. Newman"Fantastic!" That was the word that floated about from the 550-plus bidders who attended Green Valley Auctions' March 23 and 24 sale of the personal collection of Dorothy and Henry McKenney. "Dolly" and "Mac," as everyone knew them, ... (Read More)


Graham Gallery Celebrates 150 Years in Business
by Lita Solis-Cohen

Graham Gallery Celebrates 150 Years in Businessby Lita Solis-CohenJames Graham & Sons, the Madison Avenue gallery in New York City, is celebrating a century and a half in the art business with a low-key exhibition of the paintings, sculptures, and American silver that the firm had sold over the years ... (Read More)
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