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"Sketched at Sea"--The Exhibit and the Market
by Jeanne Schinto

by Jeanne SchintoI've been on a mission these last few weeks, trying to find dealers—or even a dealer—who could speak to me about the market for mariners' sketches. These are drawings, primarily of ships and shorelines, executed by sailors and other travelers at sea. They are included in illustrated journals, ... (Read More)


Traylor's Blue Cat Claws Its Way to $42,550
by Marty Steiner

Slotin Folk Art Auction, Buford, Georgiaby Marty SteinerThe sales of almost every established auction house, especially those that specialize, are like the children of a large family. There is a lot of similarity from one to another, but, as in families, each sale takes on its own unique personality.Slotin Folk ... (Read More)


American Indian Art Auction
by Lita Solis-Cohen

Sotheby's, New York Cityby Lita Solis-CohenThere were just 160 lots in Sotheby's American Indian art sale on Friday morning, May 18, which brought a small tribe of enthusiastic collectors and dealers to the New York City salesroom to bid on Pueblo pottery from the Leede collection, baskets from the Charlotte ... (Read More)


Folk Art in the Tramp Art Style: Debunking the Myths
by Clifford Wallach

by Clifford WallachEver since I bought my first piece of tramp art over 20 years ago I realized that I knew as much as the dealers I bought the pieces from. In other words, there was a serious lack of any kind of scholarship about tramp art. It was obscure ... (Read More)


Diverse Collection Sells in Cincinnati
by Don Johnson

Treadway Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohioby Don JohnsonTreadway Gallery's annual June auction in Cincinnati, Ohio, has traditionally been a showcase of Rookwood pottery and other ceramics. This year's sale, held June 1 and 2, was a bit different. Rookwood once again played a major role, but a diverse range of items from ... (Read More)


Gate Up, Results Mixed at Annual Wells Antiques Show
by Rose Safran

Wells, Maineby Rose SafranBefore opening time on a beautiful clear Sunday morning, June 24, the crowd was lined up at the entrance to Laudholm Farm in Wells, Maine, where the well-promoted Wells Antiques Show & Sale has been held for the past several years. The action thinned out toward the ... (Read More)


More Trouble for Salander-O?Reilly Galleries
by By the period ending May 15

On September 7 Salander-O’Reilly Galleries lost a big one. ... (Read More)


One of 600
by Walter Newman

One of 600 by Walter Newman ... (Read More)


Sotheby's to Sell Badge Owned by Washington and Lafayette

Sotheby’s to Sell Cincinnati Badge Owned by ... (Read More)

(Computer Article)

Hand-Helds, Scanning, and Banking
by John P. Reid

by John P. Reid, [email protected] This month there are three short topics. More Hand-Held Computers Last month we discussed the small hand-held computers that ... (Read More)
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