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A Great Thanksgiving Day Auction
by Peter Smit

Tim Isaac Antiques, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada Tim Isaac had a great Thanksgiving Day auction on Monday, October 9, 2017, at the Saint John (New Brunswick) Trade and Convention Centre. This was Tim Isaac Antiques’ 48th annual Thanksgiving Day sale. In addition to seeing Tim and Liz Isaac, it was ... (Read More)

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A Look at Collectors
by Clayton Pennington

Editorial UBS, the Swiss financial services firm, has released an “Investor Watch” report that asked wealthy individuals about their collecting habits and the management of their collections.  According to the report, collecting is rarely tied to investment. The number one reason cited for collecting is “It’s a passion of mine” at 57%, ... (Read More)


"Lollipop Tree" Brings $1.08 Million
by M.A.D. staff

On January 1 Nadeau’s Auction Gallery in Windsor, Connecticut, sold Lollipop Tree, an oil on board painting by Wayne Thiebaud (b. 1920) for $1,080,000 (includes buyer’s premium), well above the $400,000/800,000 estimate. The painting, 13" x 10¼", is signed and dated 1969 in pencil and has a 1970 Allan Stone ... (Read More)


2017 American Ceramic Circle Book Award
by M.A.D. staff

The American Ceramic Circle Book Award, established in 2005, recognizes English-language publications that advance the study of ceramics, present new scholarship and interpretations, and in doing so become important and standard references in the field. The ACC Book Award Committee identified Ceramics: 400 Years of British Collecting in 100 Masterpieces, written ... (Read More)


Small Is Big
by Fran Kramer

Cottone Auctions, Geneseo, New York Photos courtesy Cottone Auctions It was a hot day on the second day of fall in Geneseo, New York, and even the phone wires were hot as bidders from across the globe vied for their picks among 677 lots in Cottone Auctions’ art, antiques, antiquities, and modern ... (Read More)


San Francisco Fall Art & Antiques Show
by Alice Kaufman

San Francisco, California Perhaps the last (in late October, although there were still two months to go) Bay Area tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, the theme of the San Francisco Fall Art & Antiques show, held October 25-29, 2017, was “Flower Power.” Flowers and floral designs ... (Read More)


Americana Week Preview: January in New York City
by Lita Solis-Cohen

For three generations, a large conclave of collectors and curators has gathered in New York City in mid-January for an annual treasure hunt. The Winter Antiques Show (WAS) at the Park Avenue Armory has been the catalyst for 64 years. Beginning in the late 1970s, auctions and ancillary shows multiplied ... (Read More)


Autumn Estates Sale in Atlanta
by Karla Klein Albertson

Ahlers & Ogletree Auction Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia Photos courtesy Ahlers & Ogletree There are various ways of selling antiques, and the Atlanta firm of Ahlers & Ogletree—named for Robert Ahlers and his wife, Christy Ogletree Ahlers—has most of them covered. From their facilities on Miami Circle in the stylish Atlanta neighborhood of ... (Read More)


The Carmine Dance Hall Antiques Show
by Don Johnson

Carmine, Texas “You can’t park there.” I had just pulled my rental car under a tree on a hot Texas morning and was walking toward a group of men tending a grill under a pavilion when Tom Drummond, one of the locals, stepped forward to address me. “You can’t park under that ... (Read More)


Folk Art Dolls
by M.A.D. staff

Topsy-turvy doll, reversible black and white cloth figures, early 1900s. American Primitive Gallery, in association with John Molloy Gallery, will present Lost Figures & Found Dolls from January 4 to February 3 in New York City. Longtime dealers and collectors Aarne Anton of American Primitive Gallery and John Molloy have assembled ... (Read More)
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