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Records Fall at Copley Summer Sale Frances McQueeney-Jones Mascolo 2017-07-28
Christie's Wants to Cancel Sale, but Buyer Fights Back M.A.D. staff 2017-07-27
What I Did on My Summer Vacation: A Tale of Engine Lathes and Tadpoles Hollie Davis and Andrew Richmond 2017-07-26
Doyle Goes After Bidder and the Bank That Vouched for Him M.A.D. staff 2017-07-26
Books Received and a Film Reviewed M.A.D. Staff 2017-07-25
Gurleys to Launch New Show M.A.D. staff 2017-07-25
Exhibitions, August 2017 M.A.D. staff 2017-07-24
Frick, Morgan, and Neue Galerie Offer Summer Connoisseur Pass M.A.D. staff 2017-07-24
Alleged Head of Wildlife Smuggling Ring Extradited from Australia M.A.D. staff 2017-07-24
Dorflinger Punch Bowl Brings $114,000 Lita Solis-Cohen 2017-07-22
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